Saturday, 10 January 2009

Initial draft Ideas - Final Assignment

Here are two ideas I was working on towards my final assignment for the Schoolism course that didn't quite make it past the draft stage. Barack Obama and Anthony Hopkins, I wonder how many times we'll hear their two names together in the future, not too many I suspect.
I'm still keen on doing a Hopkins/Hannibal painting but looking at it from other angles. As for Obama its all a bit too cliche at the moment, though I have a feeling we'll all be drawing him a lot more over the coming years. Are caricaturists the only people who will be sad when Bush steps down?


richard said...

Both really good, especially Obama.
I like the way you have got a 3D effect with the angle you have drawn him at.

SJ said...

That obama picture really is a keeper like. I would be waiting for an opportunity to use it if the gent slips up or makes a social faux pas; how easily would it translate into the Joker?!

Nice one mister.
Look forward to seeing some more.
Cuz Sarah x