Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Dave B - Week 4, Continuing with values

This painting of 'citizen' Dave B was done with a monochromatic palette taking the lessons learnt with value painting further.

Gary Value Painting - week 3

In week 3 of the caricature course Jason articulates the importance he places on getting good and correct values in his work. For the assignment we used a quick pencil sketch he'd done of a friend called gary and built up a value painting in greyscale using photoshop.

Pope Benedict XVI - Week 2, Understanding Shapes

This is my finished rendering of Pope Benedict XVI, done as part of the assignment for week 2, understanding shapes.

Tom Hanks Caricature - Week 1, Introduction to Caricature

Week 1 of Jason's course on titled 'introduction to Caricature'.  Each week there is a new video to download where Jason talks you through his techniques and thought process.  You then put what you've learned into practice by completing an assignment based around what you saw in the instructional video.  Week 1, Jason discusses the weight of a persons face and exaggeration and asks you to sketch the faces of 3 citizen's and a final rendering of celebrity Tom Hanks.  So this was my submission. 

A Beginning

Well, I've finally taken my first baby steps in this blogging world.  I hope to use this as an outlet for my sketching and painting and to put it out there in the public domain. Feel free to give me feedback and interact. It'd be cool to hear from other artists.
I'm currently a student of the fantastic Jason Seiler. I'll be posting the outcome of the assignments he sets us here in my blog, so look out for updates on that. For more information on Jason's caricature course check out