Tuesday, 11 August 2009

British BodyGuard Association Illustration

I have an affiliation with an organization called the British BodyGuard association and they commissioned me to do an illustration for an article in their quarterly, industry leading, publication - 'The Circuit' magazine.
The article was discussing whether the conventional and stereo typical doorman could fill the shoes of a hostile environment bodyguard.
The exposure from the illustration has led to many more offers of work and it appears I am now the resident illustrator for the publication! Funny how things happen.
Anyway, check them out at http://www.the-bba.org.uk/ and if you have any bodyguard needs, you know where to go...


Nick McCarthy said...

Jon has carried out work for Argus Europe; the work was to the highest standard, came in on time and was excellent value. We highly recommend you drop him an e-mail if you require some art work doing......you'd be surprised what can be done!

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