Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Madking Caricature - Please Draw Me!

A very cool site called 'Please draw me!' is about the close down after I only just discovered it. As the name suggests it is a place for people to go and submit photos of themselves and wait to be drawn whilst they attempt caricatures of the other contributers.
Prior to the announcement that the site is to terminate I had already done a bunch of sketches and will be publishing them through my blog, as, when and if I get round to finishing them. Here's one I done of a guy known as Madking.

Check out the site before it closes at: http://www.udgang99.dk/pdm/index.php


Carl Knox said...

Hey Jon!

Thanks for your comments on my painting. I had a look at your works mate... love the detail on your Hopkins face!

I see Jason is using you to promo his course too! You should be proud. Keep it up!

Pavel Jakubec said...

great study !!!

richard said...

Great perspective, love the eye! I guess you couldn't NOT caricature this guy. I tried to find the site but couldn't or I would have had a go. Looks like its too late now anyway.

Madking said...

Thanks! It's always interesting to see yourself through another person's eyes, particularly the aspects that emphasis is placed on. Very good work:-)

kartunboj said...

Great Jon. Have a happy easter!

Joe Békési